Joining a playgroup with your child is a great way to meet other moms in the Lamorinda area, share ideas, ask questions, and make new friends.

Whether your child is a newborn, starting preschool, or even starting kindergarten, your playgroup can be a great support. These groups can be as valuable for the moms as they are for the kids!

Playgroups are usually set up according to the age of your child. The club also has some special interest playgroups, such as “Spanish speaking moms” and “working moms.”

Playgroups are self-managing. Once established, the sizes of the groups vary and the members decide when to close their playgroup to new members. You can close and then re-open your group at any time. The individual groups decide where and when to meet. For example, your group may prefer to meet at a local park, take turns hosting in each other’s homes, go on outings to the zoo or other fun spots—or all of the above. Playgroups often meet once a week, though sometimes less frequently. Some groups allow older or younger siblings to attend, and some do not.

You will find the list of “open” playgroups in the Lamorinda Moms Newsletter. If you see a group that interests you, please send an email to and the playgroup chair will connect you with the appropriate playgroup leader. If you don’t see a playgroup that meets your needs, we’ll help you start a new group!  

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