Preschool Fair

Lamorinda Moms Annual Preschool Fair

For over 20 years, Lamorinda Moms has organized and hosted an annual preschool fair designed to help local parents find the perfect preschool for their child. This FREE event is open to Lamorinda Moms members as well as the general community. Representatives from more than 30 Lamorinda preschools are available to discuss their programs and answer questions. Children are welcome!

The 2018 Preschool Fair will be Thursday, November 8, 2018, from 6:30pm to 8:00pm at the Oakwood Athletic Club 4000 Mt. Diablo Blvd. Lafayette, California.

Members can RSVP to attend here.

Download the 2017 Preschool Fair Directory

If you are seeking a preschool here are some questions to consider:

Basic Information:

  • Is the preschool accredited?
  • When did the preschool last go through the accreditation process?
  • How the preschool is organized (one room, multiple rooms, centers)?
  • Does the preschool have lunch bunch, drop off or reduced participation programs?
  • What is the process for dropping off and picking up a child?
  • What is the admission policy?
  • When are admission decisions made?
  • Is toilet training required?
  • What happens if my child has separation anxiety?
  • How does the preschool resolve conflicts between children?


  • What is the preschool’s philosophy?
  • Describe the preschool’s typical daily schedule.
  • Is the preschool’s program more structured or more open play?
  • What is the curriculum for a given month?
  • What does the outdoor play yard look like?
  • Is there an outside curriculum?
  • Are there any field trips?
  • Areas of development?

If you have any questions regarding the preschool fair, please contact us.

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