About Lamorinda Moms

Lamorinda Moms* was founded in April of 1995.

Since its inception, the mission has always been to serve as a source of support to Moms and parents of children age five and younger in Orinda, Lafayette and Moraga, California.

In 1995, several Lamorinda area mothers decided to establish their own club after finding that the surrounding area Moms’ clubs had grown far too large.  The first meeting was held at Moraga Commons with just 15 mothers in attendance. They envisioned that the club would be “a group of women who could help each other out, make active friendships, and get to know others in the community.”

Since that first meeting our membership has grown leaps and bounds.  While the size of our group today makes it a challenge to know everyone, we make it a priority to create numerous opportunities to meet other members – be it at a speaker event, online through our BigTent community, at the park for a play group or neighborhood zone meet-up, at one of our many seasonal family events, or after the kids are in bed for Mom’s Night Out . . . The benefits of membership have grown with our numbers while staying focused on our core mission of connecting and supporting each other.

One critical component to our success is volunteering.  Not only are we actively involved in the community with charities such as The Bay Area Crisis Network and VESTIA, but all of our members are required to volunteer for the club at least 2 hours per year and to contribute to MomDins once per year. Volunteering within the club can include staffing an event to being part of the Steering Committee. This helps us make our mark within Lamorinda – and ultimately make a difference in the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

*The name changed from Lamorinda Moms Club to Lamorinda Moms in July of 2009.

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